Current projects

Algoritmiset​ ​järjestelmät,​ ​valta​ ​ja​ ​vuorovaikutus (2018-2021)

Tämä poikkitieteellinen tutkimushanke analysoi algoritmisia järjestelmiä osana yhteiskunnallista ja sosiaalista vuorovaikutusta.

Contact: Matti Nelimarkka, Jesse Haapoja, Juho Pääkkönen

Past projects

TrustNet (2017-2019)

TrustNet is a heavily industry-networked research project that focuses on developing a blockchain-based distributed environment for personal data management following the MyData principles. Such an environment is the cornerstone for functional personal data markets as it allows individuals to control the flow of their personal data across companies and industries, and creates the foundational building blocks for creating new personal data-centric services.

Racisms and public communications in the hybrid media environment (2016-2019)

This research project aims to analyse the public understanding, practices and experiences of racism in a context where immigration and the social future of the nationally bound welfare state has become a central political preoccupation in Finland. This focus on what constitutes racism, and who is empowered to de ne it, is shaped by a digitalised media environ- ment where transnational networks of communicative connectivity provide unprecedented opportunities to both extend and challenge racialising discourses, images and frameworks.

Informaatiokaaos ja luottamus perinteiseen mediaan (2018-2018)

Personal Data Management Platforms (2016-2018)

Personal data is becoming a significant economic asset. It can improve service quality and optimize service production in all industrial sectors. Personal data is the communication vehicle between individuals and organizations, and access to it is significant also for research, intelligent governance, learning environments and health and wellbeing systems. Treatment of personal data has significant societal effects on, e.g., privacy. International regulation (e.g. the upcoming EU GDPR) will significantly affect the treatment of personal data Finland. Personal data is also a vehicle for regulation: efficient personal data management can significantly increase the flow of data, make its treatment privacy‐aware, and create an environment for fluent regulation. Personal Data Management Platforms is a multidisciplinary and impact‐focused research project on personal data platforms and infrastructures.

Digital Humanities of Public Policy Making (2015-2017)

We study applications of "Digital Humanities" in are of political science, in particular, government programs and online deliberation systems

Evaluating Smart Incentives in Social Formation of Energy Choices (2015-2017)

EVIDENCE projektin tavoitteena on ymmärtää ja tarjota kuluttajille uusia työkaluja ja mahdollisuuksia eri energiamuotojen valitsemiseksi. Tämän hetken mittarit (dynaaminen energian hinnoittelu, palautetieto energian kulutuksesta, sosiaaliset kampanjat, ja perinteinen sosiaalinen media) vaikuttavat vain osittain kuluttajien käyttäytymiseen ja energiamuotojen valintaan. Eri menetelmiin ja kenttätyöhön pohjautuen projektissa kehitetään uusia malleja (kotitalouksille, yhteisöille, asuinalueille, yhteiskunnalle) ja teknologioita (rakennus, energiajärjestelmät, laitteet). Ainutlaatuisessa GreenCampus livinglab ympäristössä kehitetään ja testataan palveluja joissa yhdistyvät energian tarve- ja ekopalaute, päätöksentekojärjestelmät ja dynaaminen hinnoittelu.

Digital Health Revolution (2014-2017)

MyData approach to enable revolutionary change in health care processes and customer applications for health promotion and self-care.

Revolution of Knowledge work (2013-2017)

We create information-seeking and sense-making methods supporting a revolution of knowledge work. Our symbiotic human-information interfaces to heterogeneous data sources are context-aware user-controlled explanation-giving and interactive. By combining the potential of human creativity and the capability of computers to handle data, we support human cognition, freeing the knowledge worker’s time to sense-making, collaboration and creative thinking.

Digivaalit 2015 (2015-2016)

Digivaalit 2015 studies social media use during the Finnish parliamentary elections. In particular, we study the cross-media influences between candidates and traditional journalistic media.

Smart mobility for all (2015-2016)