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KEPACoffee (name from the group acronym KEPACO and coffee, obviously :)) is the regular group event of the KEPACO group. The idea is to informally discuss matters of the group and research over coffee/tea, and most importantly "pulla" - which literally means a certain type of bakery product, but what *we* mean is anything sweet that you can enjoy over coffee/tea, cakes/pies/cupcakes/icecream/chocolate/ etc.

How this works is that every meeting is nominated a responsible person, for

The journal club papers may be picked from among recent publications (2016-) in the top venues in machine learning and computational biology: JMLR, Machine learning journal, NIPS, ICML, ECML/PKDD, Bioinformatics journal, PLoS Computational Biology. Also very top biological journals are possible (see. list of high impact journals)

Schedule Spring 2019

Below is a schedule for the Spring 2019. If you cannot make it to your own session, please swap places with another group member.

All meetings will be in meeting room A142 on Wednesday from 4-6PM unless otherwise announced.

Date Journal club leader Paper (or Topic) Note
23.01 Tolou Tensor Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multi-View Dimension Reduction -
30.01 Anna IDG-DREAM Drug-Kinase Binding Prediction Challenge: an update -
06.02 Sandor Presentation: Factorization Machines -
13.02 Markus Presentation: Spectral Kernels -
20.02 Tianduanyi Presentation: Kernel-based Machine Learning Methods for Drug-Target Interaction Prediction -
27.02 Rohit Presentation: Robustness and Extreme Multi-label Classification -
06.03 Heli Master's Thesis Presentation -
13.03 Eric Accelerating Metabolite Identification in Natural Product Research -
20.03 Vilma The re-emergence of natural products for drug discovery in the genomics era -
27.03 Maryam Presentation: Genetic Interventions using Reinforcement Learning -
03.04 Viivi A Linear-Time Kernel Goodness-of-Fit Test -
10.04 Tolou Master's Thesis Presentation -
17.04 Sandor A Theory of Learning with Corrupted Labels -
24.04 Markus - -
01.05 NO MEETING NO MEETING Public Holiday: Vappu
08.05 Maryam Presentation: Research project updates -
15.05 Eric Presentation: Retention Order Prediction using Multiple Kernel Learning -
22.05 Vilma Master's Thesis Presentation -
29.05 - - Only weekly updates!
05.06 Viivi - -
12.06 Heli - -
19.06 Anna - -
26.06 Tianduanyi - -

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