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String Algorithms

The group develops and analyzes efficient algorithms for information retrieval. Our perspective is algorithm engineering. We consider both exact and approximate string searching as well as indexing methods. Also algorithms for data compression and computational biology are studied.

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Publications (recent)

S. Ghuman, J. Tarhio: Jumbled matching with SIMD. In: PSC '16, 15th Prague Stringology Conference, 2016.

T. Chhabra, S. Faro, M. O. Külekci, J. Tarhio: Engineering order-preserving pattern matching with SIMD parallelism. Software: Practice and Experience, 2016.

T. Chhabra, J. Tarhio: A filtration method for order-preserving matching. Information Processing Letters 116, 2 (2016), 71–74.

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T. Chhabra, S. Ghuman, J. Tarhio: Tuning algorithms for jumbled matching. In: Proc. PSC '15, 14th Prague Stringology Conference, 2015, 36–46.

T. Chhabra, M. O. Kulekci, J. Tarhio: Alternative algorithms for order-preserving matching. In: Proc. PSC '15, 14th Prague Stringology Conference, 2015, 57–66.

T. Flouri, E. Giaquinta, K. Kobert, E. Ukkonen: Longest common substrings with k mismatches Information Processing Letters 115, 6-8 (2015), 643–647.

E. Giaquinta, A. Mishra, L. Pozzi: Maximum convex subgraphs under I/O constraint for automatic identification of custom instructions IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems 34, 3 (2015), 483-494.

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String Algorithms
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