Extremal Combinatorics

"The word 'extremal' comes from the nature of problems this field deals with: if a collection of finite objects (numbers, graphs, vectors, sets, etc.) satisfies certain restrictions, how large or how small can it be?"

Topic: Extremal Combinatorics book by Stasy Jukna.

Timeline: Approximately every second week on Tuesday from 15:00 - 16:30 (Finnish time), currently remotely.

Contact: Chris Brzuska.

Scribe format: Define everything formally; never leave definition gaps.



Date Topic Speaker Scribe
Dec 16 Chapter 1: Counting Chris Pihla
Jan 13 Chapter 2: Advanced Counting Parinya Chris
Jan 27 Chapter 6: Sunflowers Nidia Ameet
Feb 10 Chapter 3: Probabilistic Counting Pihla Jan Studeny
Feb 24 Chapter 16: Polynomial Method Gorav Parinya
Mar 16 Chapter 12: Designs Petteri Nidia
Mar 30 Chapter 16: The linear algebra method Petteri Minoo Zarsav
Apr 13 Part IV: The probabilistic method Jara Uitto Chris Brzuska
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