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SLMotion is a tool (or a set of tools), primarily meant for video analysis of sign language videos. Of course, the tool may also be used for other purposes.


Release 0.1.0 is here:

Beware of bugs. This release may not be very pretty, and it mainly consists of a simple dump of the repository. No clean-up of the code has been done. Please report any bugs (expected to be plentiful). A Ubuntu binary package is planned for realese in the near future.


Slmotion is written in C++11. Hence, you will need a recent C++ compiler (GCC 4.6 or CLang 5.0 or newer is recommended). Also, the build process uses CMake, so CMake 2.8.0 or newer is highly recommended. Mac users need OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or newer. There are also several library dependencies. Here is a list of some libraries that need to be installed before compiling slmotion:

Doxygen should be installed for generating the documentation (where needed).

Also supported



Issue tracking

Issue tracking will be issued at a later moment. For the time being, please report any bugs and other issues to Matti Karppa via email (


Here are some example scripts that you can have a look at to see how things are done:


SLMotion is licensed under Simplified BSD Licence (2-clause BSD licence or the FreeBSD Licence). Please read the licence here.

If you use SLMotion while making a publication in an academic setting, please cite this work as follows:

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Papers using SLMotion


The chief maintainer of the program is Matti Karppa. Any inquiries regarding the program can be sent to


[1] M. Uřičář, V. Franc and V. Hlaváč, Detector of Facial Landmarks Learned by the Structured Output SVM, VISAPP '12: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, 2012. pdf