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Research of the CSB group

Our research group focuses on developing methods for high-throughput bioinformatics, computational biomedicine, synthetic biology and probabilistic modeling. We collaborate with national and international research groups to reveal molecular control mechanisms, biological networks and biomarkers as well as to understand their role in health and disease.

We use computational techniques to model and understand molecular regulatory mechanisms and their role in health and disease. We focus on developing statistical modeling and machine learning methods to understand transcriptional, post‐transcriptional and epigenetic regulatory mechanisms, protein signaling pathways, and effects of mutations on regulatory mechanisms. In addition to developing statistical analysis methods for various types of high-throughput sequencing (HTS) data, our research often involves integrative analysis of heteregoneous HTS data sets. We also develop and apply integrative analysis methods of multitude of omics data in biomedicine and personalized medicine projects. Research projects are carried out in close collaboration with experimental groups, and we collaborate on molecular immunology, stem cell, cancer and type 1 diabetes systems biology research projects. Our research group is part of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Molecular Systems Immunology and Physiology Research (SyMMyS), funded by Academy of Finland.

Research topics:


Our research is funded by grants from: Academy of Finland, AoF Center of Excellence, JDRF, Tekes, Emil Aaltonen Foundation, and Hecse graduate school.