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LeTech Research Group - Learning + Technology

The Learning + Technology Group (or just LeTech for short) focuses on computing education, educational technology and software visualization. We adopt a research perspective on learning and teaching that allows us to improve education through better educational technologies and teaching methods.

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Learning + Technology group (LeTech) at Aalto University, Finland, provides two salaried doctoral student positions (4 years) in the area of computing education research. For more information, check our research topics here.

Currently, LeTech has the following active members:

Professor Lauri Malmi

Lauri Malmi

"Leader of the research group, professor Malmi is interested in topics related to computing edication research, in particular: "How do we carry out computing education research? What can we learn from digital traces of student's actions?"

For more information, please visit professor Lauri Malmi's site . For contact, please e-mail him at lauri.malmi@aalto.fi .

Senior University Lecturer Ari Korhonen

My research interests are on data structures and algorithms, learning analytics, and software visualization. Especially I'm interested in developing applications for online teaching and learning in the context of computer science education. My current work is concerned with software tools and principles in the area of automatic assessment systems. I also act as an instructor and teacher for several courses.

For more information, please visit Ari Korhonen's site . For contact, please e-mail him at ari.korhonen@aalto.fi .

Senior University Lecturer Juha Sorva

My research interests within CER include: the learning and teaching of introductory programming (especially at the university level), learners' understandings of programming concepts, cognitive approaches to CER, program visualization, phenomenography, and learning environments and tools.

For more information, please visit Juha Sorva's site . For contact, please e-mail him at juha.sorva@aalto.fi .

University Teacher Otto Seppälä

My research interests are "Getting more of automated assessment - finding novel ways of extracting information and using it to construct efficient feedback

For more information, please visit Otto Seppälä's site . For contact, please e-mail him at otto.seppala@aalto.fi .

Doctor Lassi Haaranen

My current research interests lies on how to attract students into CS and motivate in CS with gameful approaches

For more information, please visit Lassi Haaranen's site . For contact, please e-mail him at lassi.haaranen@aalto.fi .

Doctoral Candidate Rodrigo Duran

My current research interests are how students comprehend code using different plan composition strategies with distinct levels of complexity.

For more information, please visit Rodrigo Duran's site . For contact, please e-mail him at rodrigo.duran@aalto.fi .

Previous works and publications

For former doctoral student's thesis and completed Master's Degree thesis of former LeTech members, please refer to the Publications section.