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AstroMHD Research Group Meetings

Mondays at 11.00
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Venue: A328, Computer Science (T-Building), Konemiehentie 2, Otaniemi, Espoo.
Venue: Physicum, Gustav Hällströmin Katu, Kumpulan Kampus, Helsinki.

December 2016

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Shabnam Nikbakhsh - 12th - Fysiikum
Solar active regions

November 2016

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Reko Hynönen - 21st - T-Building
ULF waves in MESSENGER data

Miikka Väisälä - 14th - Fysiikum Library, room G108D
Turbulent interstellar medium and its role in our Galaxy

October 2016

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Maarit Käpylä - 10th - T-Building
Latest news from Göttingen

Eija Tanskanen - 3rd - Fysiikum
SZoo browser-based communication tools

September 2016

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Joonas Uusitalo - 26th - T-Building
The AD 775 radiocarbon event

Pyry Peitso - 19th - Fysiikum
Latitudinal variation of geomagnetic activity

August 2016

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Eija Tanskanen - 29th - T-Building
Summary of the latest results

Nigul Olspert - 22nd - Fysiikum
Multidimensional D2 phase dispersion statistic

Elisabeth Cole - 15th - T-Building
About thesis

February 2016

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TBA - 22nd - T-Building

TBA - 15th - Fysiikum

Maarit Käpylä - 8th - T-Building
The puzzle of the degree of horizontal anisotropy in DNS of SN forced ISM

Simo Tuomisto - 1st - Fysiikum
Mean field experiments

January 2016

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Jyri Lehtinen/Matthias Rheinhardt - 27th - T-Building
Statistical methods for identifying active longitudes and cyclic patterns

Matthias Rheinhardt - 20th - Fysiikum
Ying-Yang grid/Kramers' Opacity

Omer Anjum - 13th - T-Building
GPU assisted Exascale Computing: Challenges and Opportunities


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Nigul Olspert - Dec 16th - T-Building
This and that about 'deepish learning'

Elizabeth Cole - Dec 9th - Fysiikum
1D solar dynamo models

Alex Grigorevskiy - Dec 2nd - T-Building
Time dependent Bayesian models

Petri Käpylä - Nov 25th - Fysiikum
Convection-driven dynamos in spherical shells with varying Prandtl numbers

Miikka Väisälä - Nov 18th - T-Building
Supernova Driven Turbulence

Thomas Hackman - Nov 11th - Fysiikum
The problem that strong magnetic fields do not usually coincide with cool spots in Doppler images of active late-type stars

Frederick Gent - Nov 4th - T-Building
Going to the poles