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The Pencil Code

The group members participate in the development of the Pencil code, a high-order finite-difference solver for compressible hydrodynamic flows with magnetic fields and particles. It is highly modular and can easily be adapted to different types of problems. The code runs efficiently under MPI on massively parallel shared- or distributed-memory computers. The code is freely available under the Gnu General Public License, and new users/developers are welcomed to join the effort.


ISDA is a software package designed to perform various tasks on irregularly spaced time series. ISDA can help you to analyse data sets from such diverse fields of application as astronomy, geophysics, biophysics, business and so forth. Astronomers, amateurs as well as professionals, form the largest group of current/prospective users. ISDA helps by automating routine tasks and by providing new and effective methods of analysis. Some algorithms that are used in the system were developed in Tartu University and in Tartu Observatory (Estonia) by Dr. Jaan Pelt and his group, close collaborators of the CMDAA group. The CMDAA group uses the ISDA package as a standard tool for the analysis of solar and stellar datasets, ranging from sunspot numbers and locations to stellar photometric time series with gaps due to observational constraints.


Astaroth is code developed within the group to test the speed up the execution of finite-difference type solvers using Graphical Processing Units (GPUs).