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Computational Logic Day 2014

The goal of the Computational Logic Day is to bring together researchers working in all areas of computational logic and closely related topics, including but not limited to automated reasoning, logic-based knowledge representation, constraint programming and optimization, as well as applications. Talks this year focus on acyclicity, a requirement that occurs frequently in applications but which is cumbersome to express, e.g., using clauses. For instance, when learning a Bayesian network from data the resulting structure must be acyclic.


  • Place: Aalto University, Computer Science Building, Lecture hall T4 (2nd floor)
  • Time: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 12:20-16:00
  • Program

  • 12:20-12:25 Welcome
  • 12:25-12:50 SMT Based State Reachability Checking for Multithreaded Programs, Kari Kähkönen (joint work with K. Heljanko)
  • 12:50-13:15 Improving the Normalization of Weight Rules in Answer Set Programs, Jori Bomanson (joint work with M. Gebser and T. Janhunen)
  • 13:15-13:40 Declarative Encodings of Acyclicity Properties, Martin Gebser (joint work with T. Janhunen and J. Rintanen)
  • 13:40-14:05 Satisfiability modulo Graphs: Acyclicity, Jussi Rintanen (joint work with M. Gebser and T. Janhunen)
  • 14:05-14:30 Coffee break
  • 14:30-14:55 Answer Set Solver Backdoors, Emilia Oikarinen (joint work with M. Järvisalo)
  • 14:55-15:20 Answer Set Programming as SAT Modulo Acyclicity, Tomi Janhunen (joint work with M. Gebser and J. Rintanen)
  • 15:20-15:45 Synthesising Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms, Jukka Suomela (joint work with D. Dolev, K. Heljanko, M. Järvisalo, J. H. Korhonen, Ch. Lenzen, J. Rybicki, and S. Wieringa)
  • 15:45-15:55 Conclusion